Ills of Nigeria… Religion comes First followed by impunity

4 years ago
I used to shout corruption …until i was corrected by Seyi odetola…he opened my eyes to the word impunity.After the conversion i see impunity every where i go now. During the weekend i was confronted by a brand of impunity that pervades the entire social strata.Impunity based on the belief that it shall never be well in this country.

As i got a call from an aggrieved Nigerian in south west …the family had made over 80% down payment for some furniture according to her…and the furniture man kept postponing delivery date.

Obviously the money was about to be lost ..and they could not do anything because the police are his friend.

i managed to call the carpenter and he was full of abuses…he even told me that if i dont take time i will find my self in a place i do not like.He did not even deny that he had collected money and would not even give the date of delivery..he was not even asking for the balance.

As usual i became disturbed firstly because the family had to be made to understand that as tattered as this country is…there is a law! and secondly the carpenter had to be brought to his senses before one day he ends up in court .

I branched to his house and met his absence..i later explained to his landlord that if state police commissioner is invited…those his peppersoup police inspector friends will the same ones to charge him to court.

Any way he later called the family and it seems they will soon sort themselves out.

Beyond fb …please act wherever you can to educate the millions in the country..their support constitutes the pillar of survival..it is the understanding of the lower levels that constitutes the real fuel for change.
If not for impunity why should someone in the presidency mastermind the return of a fugitive and ignored the fact that efcc is after him //
If not for impunity.. Why should someone who was supposed to explain what happened to money under him had to demand the inclusion of an ex president//


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