In Favour of Ranching by Sadiq Ibrahim Dasin Via Sunday Wugira


My believe has, and will always be that the nomadic Fulani will be better off living a sedentary life than leading a nomadic life. My believe is anchored on the fact that I know where I am today and I know where my immediate younger brother Dahiru Italia Dasin and my cousin Umaru Sanda are in life. I herded cattle in the bush with both of them up till three hundred level as a Law student in the university and members of my family and I still maintain large herds and for three generations now. My younger brother and my cousin chose to herd cattle and I chose a sedentary life and attended school.

Those who keep giving excuses against the proposal to ban pastoral nomadism and scrap cattle routes are people who are comfortable in their homes with their families in one location, whose children attend schools and rise to attain important positions in government and businesses while they look the other way any time you mention the plight of the nomadic Fulani children.

It beats me hollow to hear people talking of cattle routes in this century when there is no where in the world where cattle share the same right of way with humans. In any case how many cattle are there in Nigeria that will warrant us to deny the hundreds of thousands children of the nomads the right to education and sedentary life with all the comforts associated with it that we enjoy? Is what is good for our children not good for the children of the nomads?

When you look at the world cattle inventory in 2017 which is put at 998.3 million head, it is India that has the largest cattle inventory in the world in 2017 followed by Brazil and China. Roughly, as reported in this inventory, 63% of the world’s cattle are in India, Brazil and China and they don’t have BURTOL there. The children of cattle owners there attend school.

From the table below Nigeria is not even among the first 18 countries that have large number of cattle in the world. I have been arguing from the position of knowledge not ignorance and sentiment . My sentiment as I have consistently exhibited in this arena is on the plight of the under aged children who herd the cattle just like I have been arguing against the Almajiri syndrome that deny children parental love and care.

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