Indirect Primaries Breed Corruption, Shehu Sani Tells APC {Instantly and Permanently too

“We the aspirants and stakeholders of the Kaduna State chapter of our great party the APC presents our best compliments to you.

“The delegate system, otherwise called indirect primaries will rely on the whims and caprices of the few that control the party after emerging from ward, local government and state congresses that have been widely rejected by party members as a sham.


“Hundreds of party members who bought forms with a view to vying for various wards, local governments and state party executive positions were deliberately excluded from the process and in some instances even intentionally blocked from submitting their forms nor were they even consulted ahead of the so-called processes of affirmation of officials of the party.”

“Majority of the members of our party, armed with facts that are stark and incontrovertible, are now in court seeking judgements that would, from all indications, set aside these sham congresses.

“And since it is a legal dictum that you cannot build something on an illegality, it means that for Kaduna State at least, the indirect primaries system relying as it would on these bogus congresses is dead on arrival.

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