IPOB Adopts Evangelism In Recruiting Converts



The Indigenous People Of Biafra are not backing or slowing down on their unfettered quest for Biafra restoration as they have continued to maintaining the tempo on the campaign and evangelism for no Nigerian election in Biafraland. They have taken the gospel to all the cities and villages in the whole of Biafra territories. However, on 12th August, 2017 the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) Enugu west Senatorial District embarked on evangelism in Oduma, Ani-Nri local government area of Enugu state Biafraland. The evangelism was to spread the message of election boycott in Biafraland and to further make sure that Biafrans in that part of Biafraland are acquainted with all the necessary information about Biafra restoration and the need for them to join millions of Biafrans from all over the world in this quest. The good people of Oduma, was indeed excited as they received their kiths and kins who came en-mass with the gospel of Biafra restoration to their domain.

The evangelism was led by IPOB Enugu West Senetorial District coordinator, Mazi Agu Matthew and all the principal officers under Enugu West Senatorial District, have taken it upon themselves to making sure that the gospel of Biafra is taken to all the local government areas under their jurisdiction. It has become important to take the evangelism for Biafra restoration to the grassroots, mostly in rural areas that are not opportuned to having modern technologies so as to know or get information with regards to Biafra struggle. This evangelism to rural areas under Enugu West Senatorial District was also conceived after the meeting by the IPOB principal officers in charge. It is important to note that there are five local government areas under Enugu West Senatorial District and they include; Awgu, Ani-Nri, Oji River, Udi and Eziagu local government areas.

This rally was an epoch event as it marked the first of it kind carried out in that axis since the Biafra struggle started and it yielded a positive result. During the rally, the good people of Oduma both young and old, men, women and children thrunged the street in one voice and in one accord chanting Biafra or nothing. They echoed in unison that Biafra is their only hope even as they beckoned on the leader of IPOB to extend his hands of evangelism to their area so as to wake others up from slumber. The evangelism was a huge success as it ignited the Biafraness in our people from Oduma and they agreed to continue disseminating the information about Biafra and spread the election boycott directives as given by the leadership of IPOB. Some of the notable places covered during the rally was Orie Oduma market and Orie Ezineshi market, while the market men and women joined the rally and expressed their gratitude to Biafrans for duely extending the Biafra evangelism to that part of Biafraland and pledged support to Biafra struggle under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, even as they also vowed to boycott the forthcoming election in Ani-Nri local government area come this Novernber.

It is quit disheartening to know that Ani-Nri local government area is the home of the incumbent deputy Senate president of Nigeria, Senator Ike Ekweremadu. There are little or no infrastructural development in that area despite being the forth (4th) citizen of Nigeria. The villagers decried the menace of Fulani herdsmen in the area and poor medical facilities within the local government area.

However, the IPOB Enugu West Senatorial District madia head and Family Writers correspondent, Egwuatu Chuks who covered the event interviewed the elderly men and women in the vicinity to know their reactions towards Biafra restoration, which they positively reacted to with a resounding Yes in acceptance of the struggle. …..Biafran Herald

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