IPOB Jab And Strategy – Araba Fatade Bamidele

Araba Fatade Bamidele wrote
“Nnamdi Kanu dares the Federal government over new plans to rearrest him…..”— NEWS

IPOB obviously have strategic thinkers and planners which is exactly what is lacking in the Buhari Presidency….. IPOB doesn’t carry guns and are largely non violent but they are gradually drawing the mumu government into a huge conflict. My irritation lies in the fact that the government has always fallen headlong into the IPOB scheme.

For strategic thinkers, it’s easy to see that the stakes are rising higher now. IPOB has dared a government that has been painted as a nepotistic government in the OPEN boxing them into a tight corner. If the government goes ahead to arrest Kanu, IPOB would use the chance to turn the issue into a bigger problem and if the FG chickens out, they become ego burnt!!! The Ohaneze declaration even heightens the steep gradient!! All IPOB needs is to continue making BIG NEWS and they are getting just that!!!

I might not be a lover of Buhari and his shenanigans but each time I see government being turned into a putrid joke, I have sour taste in my mouth. It’s time for the Buhari government to stop being purely REACTIONARY and rather and get strategic thinkers on board this sinking ship!!!


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