IPOB spokesperson, Emma Powerful, claims anybody found outside during the Anambra election will be killed by hired thugs of the government

Am suspecting that something close to what happened in Ozubulu might happen come 18th November. I can smell some desperation in this country, concerning their terrorist tag on IPOB. We all know that it amounts to insanity tagging IPOB a terror group. Remember that they have found it difficult convincing the world that IPOB is a terror group. So those that tagged them terrorists might be out to prove it through killing more innocent souls….Emeka Gift

Lets face it…the possibility of violence on November 18 in anambra is being advertised.The victim will always be the poor.
Whether in Political Biafra or Nigeria every igbo has the right to vote or not vote and it should no be a matter of force.
Keep an eye on all the LGA in Anambra…

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