Is Maina Setting Buhari Up? Part 2

Only the President can break this conundrum; otherwise, my personal belief is that right inside Aso Rock, there is some protection. If not, how can a man go in and out of Nigeria with the ease? How can Maina make allusion to the President asking him to meet with the AGF?

“In fact, what has happened is that the President’s image has been dented. Maina has dented the President’s image by alluding to the fact that the President had contact with him and instructed the AGF to make a deal with him.

“What I expect is for the President to immediately clear the air on what is going on.”

He said the claims by Maina had impugned the integrity of President Buhari’s anti-corruption war, adding that the President would be doing himself a favour by speaking on the issue.

He said, “The whole thing is a mess and it is difficult to know who to believe. It has, in my view, created the biggest dent in the President’s anti-corruption crusade because we have all the agencies quarrelling. We have the Attorney-General of the Federation quarrelling with the Head of Service, and so on. Olise Agbakoba SAN

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