Is Nigeria’s problem really the driver or the structure? /Ibrahim Halilu


Coalition for Nigeria Movement, that is the new dummy in town being marketed to Nigerians by no lesser personality than the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Like many of us, the former President believes that PMB has performed much below popular expectations especially in establishing good governance principles that would have transformed the economy, create million jobs, and fight graft. He believes it’s the driver rather than the car that is the problem. But he too had been on the driver’s seat without much to show. Is Nigeria’s problem really the driver or the structure? PMB said it’s the process, not the structure. What’s he doing to improve the process? How does the process become the problem?
Me thinks any structure that has a shaky foundation is bound to collapse. We have over 740 LGAs that are not self-sustaining. They depend 100% on the centre for their finances. We have 36 states that do the same. Yet we have a central government that is into virtually everything from primary education, healthcare, policing, forest development, transportation, housing, road safety, entrepreneurship development, agriculture, fire service etc. Even culture is controlled by the centre as there are over 10 agencies overseeing cultural sector even as we generate no dime from cultural programming as federal revenue. The centre has too many responsibilities to manage with limited resources while at the same time taming the states and LGAs from using their initiative and creativity to generate income. With proper devolution of powers from top to bottom, the states and LGAs will become a power house for mass production of goods and services that can generate more revenue than oil. The mind is the storehouse for wealth NOT resources!

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