Isolo Oshodi Cultural Representative of Igbos Asks Followers To Support Tinubu and APC In Coming Elections

Eze Ndigbo of Oshodi-Isolo, Lagos, Igwe Fred, has urged Igbo living in Lagos to support Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the coming elections.

He pleaded with the Igbo to eschew every insults and embarrassment from some Yoruba people due to the last presidential election.

Speaking at a meeting in Ajao Estate, he said political exchanges was one of the trials people experience and should not be a source of friction and division.

The Eze Ndigbo, who condemned comments by some Yoruba leaders over the last presidential election, said this does not represent the position of all Yoruba.

He said there have been mutual understanding and stronger relationship and love between Igbo and Yoruba, in marriages, business, politics and friendship.

“We are intermarrying every day, unlike before. Afenifere and Ohanaeze are today working like one family,” he said.

The royal father said the Igbo-Yoruba relationship expressed in various ways should be stronger now, insisting that politic cannot break it. He advised Igbo making inciting comments to, henceforth, stop, while warning that whosoever does that “is on his own and should be prepared to face the outcome.”

The Eze Ndigbo, who announced the adoption of the APC governorship candidate, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, by Ndieze Igbo and Ndigbo Lagos, said: “Igbo leaders in Lagos took such decisions based on several considerations.”

He said before the coming of Tinubu administration in 1999, there were pockets of serious ethics disagreements, armed robbery cases all over Lagos, “but from the time Tinubu administration assumed office till now, the situation has changed for the best.” He said Tinubu and his party have made a lot of sacrifices to fix Lagos economy and ensure security.

“Therefore, we needed to give them accolades by supporting and partnering them in the next elections,” and added that there was no need to change a winning team.

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