IT’S ABANG AGAIN..Araba Tunde Fatade

It’s Justice Okon Abang again!! Yesterday, he summoned former President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan to appear before him TODAY as a witness in Olisa Metuh’s case. Now, Jonathan is a Nigerian citizen with no immunity and I see nothing wrong with him appearing before a law court. Granted.

By issuing such a subpoena on Jonathan, it was clear that it’s either Abang is up to some mischief or he is just ignorant of the processes of law. How on earth would a Judge issue a subpoena for a witness to appear before him THE NEXT DAY knowing fully well that the processes would not have been served the concerned individual within such a short time frame??? What was the motive behind such move?? To portray Jonathan as an outlaw??

The fact that people like Abang are still allowed to preside in the hallowed temple of Justice tells us the rot inherent in the Judiciary. Why does it also appear that most matters relating to the PDP in the Federal High Court gets assigned to Abang?? Is he a hatchet man?? Perhaps time would tell…..


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