Joke:The Strange Country Called Nigeria/Ekewa Olu

No where else

A house will burn down, and Nigerians will ask you to thank God you didn’t lose any life In the inferno

You’d lose your job, and Nigerians will preach a unique version of once there is life , then there is hope to you

You’d lose a valuable, and people will console you with stories about others who have lost more than you

This is how we became the country that swallows mediocrity, overlooks disasters and make excuses for costly mistakes.

People will actually ask you to thank God you’re not an Iraqi, when we talk about deaths, bombings and killings…… and Venezuela when we talk about the economy ..

It’s just natural for Nigerians to look at the worst , compare their dilemma with something more terrible and move on, even compell you to be grateful sef..

It is how we have managed to survive several years of incompetent leadership..

It is how our fathers remained middle and second class citizens in their own country

It is something we should no longer accept

The funny thing is, they will also tell you they criticise you because they want you to be a better person, especially when it suits them.

But as soon as you start to criticise something they hold dear, they revert to emotional blackmail.. And force you to feel bad

We have swallowed too much of ” it could have been worse “, enough of it sef, that we now never expect anything to be better..

We celebrate one room ramshackles as health centers

And repainted buildings as ‘world class’

We Rejoice when those who Iive large on our common wealth, even remotely remember to come paint our schools… And the reason is because the fool before him sha did not even buy paint

We praise honest policemen, because they are
Almost extinct

We literally throw a party for sincere and diligent civil servants because they are the most endangered species in our country.

No where else do people praise mediocrity like nigeria.. We have a worse, ready comparison for every mishap..

Nowhere else do people accept incompetence like nigeria

You are asked not to cause trouble, when trouble is already everywhere

You are called a trouble maker, for pointing out the obvious. As calling a spade what it actually is. Can start serious problems for the few still living in denial

You are insulted for stating what everyone sees and yet refuse to acknowledge.

This country is like nowhere else.. This shouldn’t have been a country

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