Boko Haram

Jonathan and BH ,Even the bad child has his good times/Adedamola Adetayo

At some point in his lacklustre administration, President Ebele Jonathan was quoted to have said “Boko Haram is in my cabinet”!

At that time, and even now, I found the statement very annoying!!!

If there were traitors in the very seat of the Presidency, what would it have cost a COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF to deploy the best Intel gathering networks and security dragnets to fish out every of the traitors.

If for some reasons the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF had his hands tied or he was very boxed in, a man with complete integrity should have found a way to SEEK HELP FROM THE RIGHT PLACES.

Notwithstanding his folly, he actually pointed at some directions even if at nobody in particular and the citizens had a direction to look.

Didn’t our Elders say: Even the bad child has his good times?

Jonathan has told us more or less that “Boko Haram” is a grand conspiracy perfected and being handled in the very top most echelons of our Elites.

If BH wasn’t a conspiracy, how can a responsible Federal Government of Nigeria allow this wanton wastages of human lives in Nigeria?

How come our FG. doesn’t reach out to countries that can help out on this?
Even when a man is fully masked, there are advanced technologies in today’s world that makes it possible to identify masked men from their eyelids when the eyes are zoomed into.

We have seen this done before!

How is it possible for BH to operate for about 10years with deadly efficiency, making it look like our security infrastructure was dead?

if our security infrastructure isn’t heavily compromised or the BH guys aren’t infact from within our security apparatus or the BH guys are getting free latitude of operations how can their logistics be so perfect?

How does a responsible Federal Government rehabilitate arrested killers of Boko Haram even when their victims don’t have decent places to sleep.

These things get very crazy and sinister. I have seen learnt to look beyond the NE or NORTH on this matter. What BH is and has been doing are rehearsals for more deadly missions for the entire country!


I am a very angry man this morning. I feel so mad.

I had the early morning misfortune of seeing the video of the execution of the man said and which I believe to be the missing Adamawa CAN

If those guys intended that video to instill fear in the citizens, they failed woefully. What it does to a man like me is get me very mad!!!

So, you pick a man said to be CAN Chairman. I can imagine the man dug the grave himself. You tied him up and caused him to sit in the grave, knowing he was about to be killed UNLAWFULLY!


You recited so many things which may be from your holy books.


You didn’t even shoot him. You pulled out long knife and began to hack him to death with a savagery that doesn’t befit animals.

Even your Holy Books charge you to kill Animals with utmost soberness.

And you stupidly think you have sent fear into the minds of people????

You guys are just BARBARIANS!!!!!

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