Jonathan thwarted restructuring – Tambuwal

Sokoto State Governor Aminu Tambuwal yesterday said the North is not maintaining a hard stand on restructuring the country and devolving powers to states.


He said it was the South, personified by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, that thwarted restructuring efforts made by the National Assembly and leaders from other parts of the country.


He stated this while answering questions from newsmen at the government house in Owerri.


“It is not correct that we are against restructuring,” Tambuwal said. “That is misrepresentation of the position of the APC as a party has constituted a committee under Governor Nasir El-Rufai that has started public hearing. Governor Lalong was in Ibadan; the committee is going round to collect and collate views on what issues should be considered.


“Is it true federalism, true federalism and all the issues, about 14 of them have been itemised by that committee for a kind of interactive sessions with members of the public.”


On devolution of powers for states, Tambuwal said, “In the last assembly, the last constitution amendment which then President Jonathan was misadvised or ill-advised, he didn’t sign the amendments. We actually, together with the Senate, were able to agree to move some of these issues from the exclusive list to concurrent list.”


He said issues of power generation, transmission and distribution, among others, were moved under that constitution amendment to concurrent list to allow states to carry out such projects, “but it was not allowed by the executive powers of President Goodluck Jonathan. And we ran out time.”


  1. “I personally believe that one of the best ways to make progress in this country is to devolve more powers to states,” he said

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