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Journalist Arrested and jailed For Unauthorised Hairstyle In Lagos

Okechukwu Nwanguma wrote

I have just received the following information:

That ‘Yinka Badmus, a citizen journalist and photographer was arrested on the
31st December 2018, while eating noodles on the street he lives. Upon his
arrest; he was taken to the anti-cultism unit of the Nigeria Police Force,
Pedro Bus stop, Gbagada (SO in charge 08164475388)
After days in detention, Yinka was able to send a message to a close
relative on the 3rd of January 2019, he was found at the station and the
information given by the police was that he was arrested at Surulere,
Lagos because of his hairstyle. I was asked to come to Gbagada police
station on the 4th of January; to bail him and see the officer in charge
of his case. The next development was the police conveying Yinka in a
‘Black Maria’ vehicle for arraignment at the Ogudu Magistrate Court, Lagos
At the Ogudu Magistrate court, the resident judge asked that Yinka be
granted a bail, and a lawyer (Lawyer 07035771497) in the magistrate court
was attached to us. The lawyer subsequently requested for the following:
Means of ID proof
House rent receipt
Company ID
And tax payment for two years.
He also received the sum of 10,000 Naira.
After this, the lawyer demanded for a sum of N20,000 (Twenty Thousand
Naira) for his service, with a promise that he would have a meeting with
the judge and thereby effect Yinka’s release.
Upon placing a call to the lawyer with the intention of submitting the
requested documents; so the boy can be released, the lawyer requested
another N25,000 for bail-bond, and also made me know I will pay the
police for verification and other processes, while the boy is remanded at
Ikoyi Prison, even after being granted bail.’


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