Kanu and the poor choice in decison making at the top/GNR

Keeping the youngman In detention to work on his image is still a poor decision with a poor outcome.
Why are we not speaking to smart Nigerians on the way to go about this problem?
Mazi N. Kanu seems to have gained the trust of Ndigbo world wide , not because he fought for such.
Ndigbo believe he earned their trust. He never induced them with money.
For long period some of us who saw this coming, kept pleading with the Authorities to stop ostracizing, subjugating and humiliating Ndigbo from Nigeria project.
Enough was done to damage their sense of belonging, we developed since 1999.
The fact is Ndigbo don’t believe today’s govt want them in Nigeria.
But when you consider all they’ve built and invested all around the Nigeria, your intelligence should make you ask but why do they want to leave all these things behind?
Going by the proverbial statement of “People invest where their minds are”.
I can categorically state, Ndigbo believe (d) in Nigeria more than every other ethnic nationality in Nigeria.
But in the eyes of any foolish and selfish Nigerian, Ndigbo should be ostracized from any leadership position in Nigeria.

A view
Onyebo Wisdom

Biafra is a strong spirit that was looking for where to live, but due to it’s size, not all houses can contain it. But Buhari looked for a small apartment like Kalu, beat him down, rebuilt and made him a conducive house for the Biafra spirit to live in through his Igbophobia. Now that the spirit has a home, it draws close it’s lovers, admirers etc to come and rekindle the fire of her realities that was extinguished. The lovers who believe in the home of their spirit are the defenders of the house. For a house doesn’t build nor defend itself. The speaker doesn’t speak its own words; it speaks the mind of the microphone bearer is a loud way

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