Killer Okada Men In Lugbe/SMG

Ogbeni Segun AlphamaleLion Onibiyo


I recall a few years ago when these Okada men attacked my kid brother, claiming he stole a bike belonging to one of them

One of his riders had sold his bike and because he was always avoiding him, he nailed him down one day and siezed his bike from the okada man.

The okada man then confessed to his colleagues who had caught him that he stole a bike and he had led them to my brother’s house, claiming he bought the bike from him.

They beat him up, and save for God would have killed him.

Some of those who joined in beating him know him and they know he had other bikes their people use for business.

At the station, they pulled out one after the other after they realised they had beaten the wrong man and ended up pleading.

The question on my mind then was, “if he had died from the beating, would they have begged and did they think we would have agreed?”

This brings me to the brutal killing of surveyor Funsho a few days ago around Souka in Lugbe.

An eye witness said one of the okada men ran into his new car and he had challenged him. After passer-bys had intervened, he let go.

Instead of going away, the okada men mobilized, chased him to a nearby hotel where they met a guy who sells provision by the road side who pointed them to where he was hiding. They pursued him into the hotel, beat him up and cut him up with knives and left his body on the floor.

When help came, it was too late. He had died.

The crowd went into a frenzy, beating up any okada man they see, burning down their bikes.

Even as I type, once it’s 6pm, okadas don’t go near Souka in Lugbe for the fear of the unknown.

Security men and their vehicles man Evey corner of Lugbe though, but is this the best way to solve the constant nuisance these okada men are to the good people of Lugbe? I think no.

I found out too that a whole lot of them are foreigners, especially Nigeriens who had flocked Abuja and other states looking for means of livelihood.

You don’t dare drive in Lugbe without these sons of the devil causing one havoc or the other.

They carry their passengers, run at neck breaking speed, over take you from both sides, leaving you no where to go or turn but forward, even if you’ll die.

Hit one of them, or let them hit you and they’ll gather to beat or stab the person.

If you speak Hausa and look ‘dangerous’, they avoid you like a plague. But look like you are some polished human being and you’re on your own.

They now ride around from 6pm, looking for lonely areas where unsuspecting people live. They stab them and rob them of their valuables.

Allow an okada man familiarise himself with your home and he’ll return to steal stuffs from your house. From clothes to shoes, electronics, car battery and even generators. The ones who have advanced steal cars.

My suggestion to the authorities, especially the police, filter these groups, control their activities. Punish them where necessary; they can’t continue to cause people pain and be allowed to walk free.

What are okada men doing with knives? Why do the government allow so many foreigners come live (most times) illegally in our country? Why’s the community themselves non chalant about these ‘criminals’ disguised as okada men? Why’s the police doing little or nothing to ensure these criminals are decisively dealt with?

What exactly does the government aim to achieve allowing Chadians and Nigeriens freely live amongst our people?

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