Killings..Hunger,Terrorism…what is the political future of NE,”SHOULD THE NORTH EAST BE PUSHED TO THE BACKYARD AGAIN?”/ Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson


Alhaji Atiku Abubakar served Musa Yar Adua very well. He also served Fmr President Obasanjo. Atiku Abubakar also served the Northern Political powers and has served Nigeria in different capacities. Though he downplayed his interest in most of these but in all the episodes he was a major winning factor and positive contributor. Why must some of those who benefited from this man’s yesterday’s good question his interest to lead today?

Should you foolishly or hypocritical say, “Atiku is Corrupt” be sincere for today. Don’t you see Corruption in the faces of all those standing today?
There is something called “Reward and equity in politics” and you know this

I don’t want to foolishly mouth a Kwankwaso etc, ticket because on the ground of Equity, The Northeast must not always stay at the backyard until the Northwest is satisfied, even-though we in the Northwest has proven to be non satiable for power?
Here I don’t want to limit my lenses towards these men standing today since the Nigerian bleeding hearts crave for healing and a unifying force of a man who would gather the Nation out of disintegration amnesia. The North-East Nigeria should be encouraged by every well meaning Nigerian to give us a man and a Real Man at that.
Let me hope these men cutting the coalition Party cake would be reasonable enough to drive down the road of honor and equity get it right. Nigerians are waiting!

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