Sitting squarely on the confluence of Nigeria’s two major rivers, Niger and Benue, is Kogi, Nigeria’s most unfortunate state. While some have suggested that it be scrapped and joined to one of the adjoining states, others have said the President should declare a state of emergency in the state. From this arises whether we would want to join another state or be declared incapable of standing by itself. To the sycophants in Lokoja, these calls are handiwork of the enemy of the No Direction, or is it New Direction government.

I was of the opinion that Yahaya Bello would be a shining light in the dispensation he was and a future reference for youths who aspire to leadership when arguing their case for youths in leadership. But the deplorable Bello gangsterism and purposeless government is a total and colossal disappointment to the youths of Nigeria. But what can Buhari do? He too hasn’t got his grove. As usual he may not even be aware of the plight of Kogi civil servants. He may not be aware that a director committed suicide while in active service because his salaries had not been paid and he could not meet up with his responsibility. Our president may not be aware that while Dino Melaye, senator representing Kogi West senatorial district was sending rice from Abuja, reports have it that the governor mobilized hungry and jobless youths to protest the help coming to the distraught civil servants.

I have once suggested that the name of the government house in Lokoja be changed from Lugard House. The man, Lugard may have been terribly hurt by Nigerian people to have left a curse on the land. And how else can it manifest if not on a larger scale in a state which has adopted his name as the name of their government house? I have also suggested that the elders of Kogi State send a delegation to London to trace the offspring of Lugard to see how his vexed spirit can be appeased so that the State can have respite.

I was in Okene two weeks ago and I felt like passing through Yemen. With a 24 hour curfew, the entire town was locked down by the military wielding guns and other threatening weapons. Gagging the people would only scratch the surface of the problem. The people are hungry and broke as well. If the governor cannot account for the money in his care then he should just hand himself over to the police. The big lesson for Kogi State is that they should beware of their youths jumping around political parties shamelessly as scavengers, promoting vices and villains.

The chief of Staff to the Kogi State governor, Edward Onoja, claimed last week to have built a mosque for the Okpo community in Olamaboro Local Government. Then the governor went there to commission the ‘project’. Permit me to ask if it was a state project? What’s more insulting tan the governor throwing cash out to people lining the streets and roads on his way to and fro the venue of the occasion? The money that is not available to pay workers.

This is while a couple of social media hirelings have been employed to sing the praises of the governor perpetually. They praise the governor and do nothing else with their time.

The big lesson, government in Kogi State needs divine intervention. The state needs to be overhauled and rejigged. Kogi youths have shown themselves incapable of making a useful decision in term of leadership. Until people begin to cll the governor and his hirelings to order, the state might find it difficult to step out of the woods. This is a state that is a good tourist leverage for the entire country, this is a state which is like the transit point to every region in the country. It is a big shame to come from Kogi state at this time, a lace with NO DIRECTION.

Kogi needs to rebrand itself, and it can start this by kicking  Bello and his team of charlatans out of there by 2019.

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