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Lagos on my mind


Sometimes, overanalysis can be counterproductive. I am a big believer in us being products of our environment. I prefer to zero in on the things that we lack, & figure out practical ways of providing them.

We lack Power, Housing, water, sanitation (sewage and solid waste), roads, rail, ferries, decent healthcare, half-decent education, youth-focused programs, women empowerment schemes, entrepreneurial programs, solid agric sector, air quality, water quality

To my mind, the first and most important is power. Providing power will address a number of things in short order:

1. A steady stream of stress-free revenue for government to invest in other programs.

2. Employment will be generated by companies benefiting from not needing to invest in fuel for their generators, either diesel or gas

3. Entrepreneurial activities will rise phenomenally

Disadvantages: None!

The plan is to execute an integrated development program, targeted for the first 18 months at the 6 most industrialised LGAs in the state, with an eye firmly focused on rapid return on investment, which can be measured in terms of direct revenue from power consumption, and indirect revenue from PAYE receipts from improved employment figures

This program is to be funded directly with the ₦9b per month currently being given to Alpha Beta Consulting and its 2 sister companies.

More to come…..

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