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Lagosians join me in saying NO to 400% increment in the payment of land use charge

[3/5, 10:00] Mashal 1: *FROM GBEMI SOYEMI-BEECROFT*
Good morning. Please if you are active in your residents association or not kindly pass information that a protest letter be written to the honourable commissioner of finance protesting the 500% hike in land use charge bill and copy the Registrar, land use charge tribunal. I am encouraging as many groups and individuals to write. I will write for any property owner I represent or I am related to in Lagos. This mumu attitude by all of us should stop
Please pass the message on. I will announce in my church too and all my friends
[3/5, 10:01] Mashal 1: The argument about who is a better governor between Babatunde Fashola and Akinwunmi Ambode is like comparing Barcelona to Arsenal.. whilst BRF is larger than life Ambo is flattering to deceive.. How can you increase tenement rate or the Land use act from N120k to about N1million for a 3 bedroom bungalow?..if you have a duplex in Lagos you will be paying about N3million yearly!!.

From Tomorrow the price of registering a car goes from N35k to N100k and the renewal which hitherto was just N7k will now be N30k.

Is it by force to propose a budget of a trillion if you cannot fund it and why must the people who are already stressed with the recession be the ones to bear the brunt?.

This is callous, wicked and totally unnecessary and we must resist this exploitation.
[3/5, 10:01] Mashal 1: Lagosians join me in saying NO to 400% increment in the payment of land use charge.if you say it doesn’t concern you,Landlord will also wait for you and increase your rent by 400%,pls spread this and let stop the crazy increment by Lagos state govt

[3/5, 10:02] Mashal 1: Please circulate this info till it gets to the appropriate quarter

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