Land Grabbing in Southern Kaduna/Ibrahim Bunu

The government of Kaduna State has sacked all Village and District Heads, but is now going around summoning former Village and District Heads to meetings to compel them to hand over community land to private companies and their state and local government agents and collaborators. No chief owns land in Southern Kaduna, but the chiefs of Moroa chiefdom are claiming to “own” land which they pretend to “give” government for projects. The chiefs of Moroa have gone further to declare that no community owns land, that government has given land on “loan” to all communities, families and individuals to use and that government can take it away at any time. This dangerous talk is all calculated to justify grabbing Watyap land and handing it over to Foreigners, land speculators and gamblers parading themselves as “investors”. Will they forcefully take over Watyap land without the consent of the land owners? The Land Use Act does NOT say that government ” owns” land. Government “holds the land in trust for THE PEOPLE”. Government is not the people. Private companies are not the people. The constitution defines who the people are, and the people own the land.

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