Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson


While we all agree that leadership is influence we have to also agree as leaders that not everyone within your leadership sphere of influence would automatically accept your leadership over them just because you occupy leadership position.
Rather, they could even resist or resent you. This choice of followers underlines the fact that respect and following is earned and not demanded at will. The leader got to earn his respect from people he leads by the deeds of his actions.
The way you treat the people under your leading determines how much of you they will accept or reject. Leadership is indeed a leader’s privilege to imprint and sustain his legacies on the sands of time either for positivity and vice versa.
Any leader who don’t earn your trust and respect should ‘respectfully’ earn your disdain and resentment. There are two ways about it.
How do you respect Leaders who suffocate and oppress you and do not care about your welfare?
How do we marry together the fact that it is the same leader who would walk into your shop to beat you up in the day and crawl into the red chambers by evening to make laws for you afterwards?

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