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Man charged for murder after killing a man that wanted to break into the daughter’s toilet

Is good news for the man that was charged with killing the man that tried to break into the daughter’s toilet while she was in it as the daughter have defended his action.

While speaking to CBS this morning, the teen spoke out for the first time in defence of the Phoenix man.

She believes her father, Melvin Harris, was only trying to protect her when he punched and then stomped Leon Armstrong outside a QuikTrip on August 2.

Her only regret is according to the teen is telling the father about it.

Armstrong had reportedly entered the women’s bathroom inside the convenience store and tried to force his way into the teen’s locked stall. Harris, 40, is accused of punching Armstrong causing him to fall on the ground, and then stomping him.

Armstrong died in a hospital as a result from his injuries five days after the attack.

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