Man Petitions Buhari Etc Over Missing Daughter And Accuses Police Of Aiding The Culprits

A Cry for Help , President Mohammedu Buhari,The Inspector General of Police ,the President of the Nigerian Bar Association,the National Human Rights Commission and others Please ask the OC Legal ,State CID,Edo State Command-Barrister Ogwumba to arrest those who got my child Missing and who he and his colleagues released illegally.

-Mr Kingsley Obasuyi,
Benin Based Man whose child has Been Missing in custody of some women since 4th of January in Benin City.
In the aftermath of the ENDSARS debacle in Nigeria ,this story I am about to tell is like a sordid story from Nollywood blocbuster and it is stranger than fiction .

My name is Mr Kingsley Obasuyi ,I am based in Benin and I am years as my child is missing ,while the OC Legal State CID ,Edo State Command is giving cover and support to the culprits .

On the 4th of January,2021,my 11 years old only daughter- Victory Obasuyi was taken to the Ikpoba River Side ,by Ogiso Street ,Benin City, by one madam Sweet, the madam sweet came all the way from Aduwawa to visit her friend who is also my neighbor ,one Mrs Sandra iyore Asemota.

Madam Sweet brought white gallon to fatch water from the Ogiso Water Side of the Ikpoba River river and took some children together with others to the River .

While going to the river to what seems like ritual like and mysterious adventures, she want along with my only daughter Victory Obasuyi , her two children, her friend’s children and her friend’s tenant -Mrs Joy with her two children.

While going to the river they didn’t inform my wife that they are taking our daughter to the river, when my wife asked Mrs Sandra Iyore Asemota where our daughter was , she lied that our daughter and children followed their friend which is madam sweet to.the River .

Madam Sweet , Iyore Asemota and their cohorts came up with an absurd story that our only beloved daughter-Victory Obasuyi fell inside the Ikpoba River ,at the Ogiso Water Side , that is when we ran to the river to look for my daughter and we have not found her till today.

Up till this moment, we have not seen our beloved daughter Victory Obasuyi and we are pain and even more pain as OC Legal ,Barrister Ogwumba is trying to cover up the actions of those who have my daughter ,knowing that we are poor and peasants .

Since the incidence was said to have happened which we doubt ever happened, we have been checking the river , we brought different ijaw and Itsekiri Divers to the river, they all say same thing , that there is no dead body in that river ,that if there was a dead body in the river there will be signs like flies in the river ,foul smell and the clothes and the shoes of our daughter floating on the River .

We even brought some traditional persons ,who are used to locating drowned persons in the River and they also said nobody died in that river.They all asked us to ask the people who took our child to the River to produce our child as they know what happened to her.

We call on the whole world to tell the O.C Legal in State CID ,Barrister Ogwumba ,who turned against us the Parents of our missing Child ,and was shouting us down telling us that The Water giveth a child and the water taketh a cold blooded, heartless and wicked statement with out any sympathy or empathy for us and releasing the those who have my child to go while my wife was in tears ,OC Legal Ogwumba told us to go knowing we are poor and we have no one ,but we have the Almighty God and so we call on President Mohammedu Buhari ,the Inspector General of Police -Mohammed Adamu,the President of the Nigerian Bar Association,Olu Akpata Esq ,the Police Service Commission,the National Human Rights Commission,,the Inspector General of Police ,Amnesty International ,Human Rights Watch ,the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights ,the Edo Civil Societies to come our aid as I write this I am in tears and depressed ,as I believe my child has either been trafficked by an International Trafficking Ring of which the culprits are part of or the culprits have used her for Rituals ,but I will not rest until I bring to book all the culprits and their collaborators like OC Ogwumba who should be removed from his position to allow for an impartial investigation of this Matter as he being currently the OC Legal State CID is impeding an impartial investigation as he may have been compromised .

I thank the DC Operations, Edo State Police Command ,DC Ayoola the AC State CID,,the OC Anti Cultism and the OC Admin ,State CID for acting professionally so far and standing on the side of Justice .

Madam Sweet ,Mrs Asemota and others should be made by the Police to produce my only beloved daughter as my daughter who did not drown in the river .

While Madam Sweet ,Mrs Asemota and others were at the River with my child and other children ,if my child drowned as they falsely claim ,they never raised any alarm that a child was drowning or had drowned .They even exchanged friendly pleasantries with the people by the River Side before they left back with out my child .I got information from a whistle blower that over the week end the former IPO ,Victor Edohen and others in the Matter, before the DC Operations ordered the transfer of the Matter to The OC Legal while we were not there,they secretly went to get other children that were in the River to make Statements to cover their tracts and did other things to help the culprits.

We call on the IGP to send a special squad to Edo State Police Command to pick this case file and take up this case this could open a can of worms that will be a key to solving some heinous crimes that will shock the world .

I call on the whole world to help us intervene in this matter, because the former IPO at the Admin Department of the State CID , in this case is a friend to Madam Sweet husband.The IPO Edohen boasted that my wife and I are going to bite our fingers and to perhaps give me a hint when he smashed my android phone on the floor,while I was pain and tears showing him the pictures of my boved daughter and he threatened me that I will go to jail in this matter if I don’t let the Matter go and he even wanted to detain me but for the Intervention of the OC.

It took the intervention of well meaning Nigerians to get the Police Authorities in Edo State to take the Matter from IPO Edohen to the OC Ogwumba who is even continuing the trend of the former IPO.I will fight till the end until I get my child.

The culprits Madam Sweet ,Mrs Asemota and others were released from the State CID on Friday in a case of murder /suspected Rituals, when ee have not seen our child, with out we knowing just because they think they can oppress us as poor people.

When we got back to the Station on Monday the 11th of January,2020 at the OC Legal State CID the culprits had done a trumped up Petition against us.

The OC Legal asked us to go and bring more witnesses and while we were on our way ,we were arrested by the Police based on the Petition,but after listening to all Parties in the Matter ,the OC Anti Cultism a God Fearing Man spoke the truth and said it was the same Matter and that we should go back to the OC Legal in the State CID,Edo State Command.

So we went back to the OC Legal at the State CID-Barrister Ogwumba and we got the shock of our lives when a Lawyer ,the OC Legal was talking beer parlour talk that the rivers giveth and the river taketh ,instead of him to look at the facts of the case .As we Speak nether IPO Ehoden or OC Ogwumba or his men have visited the River side or the scene of crime .They have not conducted a search warrant in the Houses of the culprits and neither have they investigated any of the assertions in the Statements made by the Parties in the Matter .Edohen and OC Legal Ogwumba have been in their Offices haunting us instead of investigating the Culprits .

We call for Justice ,our child can never go in vain. We believe that we will get Justice, please help save our soul ,save our daughter and help bring the culprits to book .

I will fight this battle.I owe to my family and to my beloved child. Please help us and do not let OC Ogumba and the culprits to get away with this .

My first prayer to the IG ,Remove OC Ogumba ,he is not fit to be the OC Legal State CID
Another prayer rearrest the culprits as my life and that our family members is at risk and they will interfere in the investigation as they have done by arresting us the victims ,while OC Ogwumba and his other cohorts set the culprits free .

My Child will never go in vain and I believe she is alive .

They should all Bring Back My Child .

Mr. Kingsley Obasuyi,
Benin ,
11th January, 2021

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