May APC rest in peace…Thanks to Adams/Abdullahi Sani

Dear Adam,

Unlike People’s Democratic Party (pdp) by 2023 there will be NOMORE All Progressives Congress (apc) courtesy your Labour Union approach to a political party, imposition by party stalwarts, state governors, cronies and the Buharideens who view and built party politics on one and only electable candidate.

What happened in Portharcout despite Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi nurturing pdp at a point of death and Nweson Wike financing anything pdp and yet both loosing the election to a returnee is a clear case of freedom of choice and party supremacy.

Unlike apc which looks more like the forest with elephant being the mighty in size while the lion harassed, killed and intimidate all other animals unless those than can easily climb the tree as a sign of respect with the eagle flying around for easy prey while the hyenas and vultures are scavenging.

If this your super impose candidates are submitted to independent national electoral commission (inec) I am sorry to say good bye to majority in the legislature, good bye to internal democracy, good bye to party supremacy, good bye to peace.

May apc Rest In Peace


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