MERCANTILE IGBONESS:You don’t have to put your fathers house on fire in order to be accepted to a friend./GNR

Godwin Nnamnadindu Robinson


The commercial nature of some Ndigbo and their desire to please some of their customers even if it involves throwing their kinsmen under the bus over any empty case have damaged a lot of good folks among Ndigbo. It is something that is said not to be very common among other Nigerian tribes but is said to be very easy to come by amongst some cheap IGBO politicians and some of their businessmen cousins.

Some people maintained how such ugly attitude was a hangover from the Civil war but some argued how such ignominy should have been over by now considering the time factor and how good Ndigbo has done as it pertains to the economic involvement within the country..

We all saw how the legendary Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo (aka, Andy Okeke of Living in Bondage) played this out before the last general election openly hurling insults at his kinsmen. I chose not to mention a former Imo state Governor who also would hurl insults on Ndigbo at every opportunity he has. I don’t have to call out the rest of these guys also in this write up.

But importantly, wisdom demands you play politics with caution and courtesy. You don’t have to put your fathers house on fire in order to be accepted to a friend.

The highest you would become at your friends home is a ‘good friend or family friend’ but you must have in mind that a family dog regardless of its age, would never make it beyond being a family dog. The much he can get would be to bare the family surname at the veterinary clinic but never to benefit from the family inheritance.

You could even belong to any of the family cults or whatever, but you are not always a member of the inner caucus.. A slave don’t make the family inheritance sharing list..
Some day you must go back home and face the same kinsmen you humiliated….

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