Mozambican artist in trouble for posing nude with national flag on Women’s Day


For posting semi-nude pictures of herself draped in the national flag, Yolanda Boa, a female artiste in Mozambique could be jailed for six months for “insulting a national symbol”.

Boa on the occasion of the country’s Women’s Day on April 7 released two semi-nude photos of what she described as the “Mozambican Woman is Good” collection.

The government has since raised issues with the use of the national flag, with the Culture and Tourism minister threatening to sue the artist for denigrating the image of a national symbol.

Boa could face a jail sentence if she is found guilty of insulting the flag, local media Povo News reports.

The development has since drawn opposing views from the general public on social media.

Here’s how people reacted when the information was first shared by Twitter user, Zenaida Machado.

I can think of 150 other things that are far worse than this…because there are thousands of things far worse in the Mozambican government & elsewhere. I hope she wins ?

— Chyemenn (@ChyemennSantos) April 8, 2018

I strongly suspect the Minister is looking her attention & an easy way of meeting her.

— Cde Never Maswerasei ?? (@CdeNMaswerasei) April 9, 2018

Yo eu amo essa Miúda Yolanda Boa, é artista essa não vão lhe entender kk

— Caleb Brown?? (@EfanMoz) April 9, 2018

Don’t be afraid my girl everyone have something to say nothing wrong you did.

— MR SOULPROVIDER (@MNgceshe) April 8, 2018

African must start condemning what is wrong when come to nations simbols

— Nkosi Thomas02 (@Thomas02nk) April 8, 2018

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