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My appeal is simple, come and take your bridge, we don’t want again…Angry Nigeria Tells rep


One good turn deserves another.

Ever since Honourable Cosmos Ndukwe of Akanu, Item Okpi became our State’s constituency representative at the Abia State House of Assembly, he has practically abandoned Alayi Igboji-Akuru.

The same Alayi Igboji-Akuru who made his victory over other eminent and perhaps more qualified opponents possible.

Honourable Cosmos Ndukwe has focused every constituency project(s) no matter how little in his immediate community abandoning the other two Communities that make up Umunnato greater Community.

In the entire Alayi Igboji-Akuru comprising of Akoliufu, Amankalu, Ugwueke and Ezeukwu, our people can’t proudly lay hands on any project(s) initiated, executed and completely completed by Honourable Cosmos Ndukwe, the member representing Bende North Constituency in the Abia State House of Assembly.

The only project from Honourable Cosmos Ndukwe in the entire Alayi Igboji-Akuru is the shambolic, disgraceful and insulting watercourse he executed in Ugwueke, Alayi.

I had earlier before today reported this same insult on the sensibilities of the industrious and hardworking people of; and Alayi Igboji-Akuru Community as a whole right here when I noted that peradventure there’s a torrential downpour, the culvert is gone.

Today as I write, the people of Alayi Igboji-Akuru especially Ndi Ugwueke where the project is executed couldn’t ply this route again thereby making lives more difficult than it were just after two rainfalls.

These rainfalls have once again vindicated me and exposed the substandard and shambolic watercourse Honourable Cosmos Ndukwe insulted our people with.

We never asked Honourable Ndukwe for this, in Umunnato Community comprising Alayi Igboji-Akuru, Item Okpi and Igbere Ebiri, it has been the norm for the people of Alayi Igboji-Akuru to be recklessly abandoned by their two brothers of Item and Igbere whenever one from either of them holds any political office unlike the brotherhood hands extended to them whenever one from Alayi Igboji-Akuru holds same or different political post, yet they’re the ones shouting how Umunnato is one and indivisible.

Honourable Cosmos Ndukwe, it’s either you come to Alayi Igboji-Akuru and (re)construct this nonsense or you take it back and site it in your Item as usual, after all, our people never asked for it.

You’re the Deputy Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly, it’s alleged that the government of Okezie Ikpeazu is (re)constructing about 300 schools across the State of Abia, no single public school in Alayi Igboji-Akuru has been renovated not to talk of construction.

My appeal is simple, come and take your bridge, we don’t want again.

Finally, if you ever ply this road for your campaign, ala Alayi Igboji-Akuru ya agbaghu ugwo.
By Akah M. Solomon

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