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Ndigbo return the vp slot face economic development/BA

I have just been informed that by some arrangements in PDP..the VP slot belongs to SE this time.
I hope this zoning will not kill this country.SW got VP slot..and now the economy is so bad that Lagos igr has dropped drastically.. Why do you think they are fighting themselves?. With the number of former heads of state will think poverty will have reduced in the has not.
We need more automobile companies in the east..more pharmaceutical companies…assembly plant for electronics… Meat processing companies…mega poultries… More of everything in fact.We don’t just need to meet our footwear requirements..we need to send products as far as Angola on a regular basis. We need to strengthen our west African coastal business till it reaches Mauritania..we need to be the channel of Chinese technology in west Africa. We need so many things via the private sector and we can afford them. Our problem is not VP slot. Let’s apologize to pdp and give them their slot back.Any igbo going there should be on merit and not because he or she is igbo.Nobody should expect any special treatment because of this. If other tribes want to drown in Niger Delta be it.In 2015..we stepped away from the crowd.. Today its clear we were right. Why not step out again and toe the path that betters our lives?.

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