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Ndigbo,learn to help your selves/John Ifeanyichukwu Okoro


IGBOS! WE HAVE TO DO SOME INTROSPECTION. I never asked any Igbo not to attend Yoruba pastored churches but I need my people to draw a lesson from this:- WHAT YORUBA PASTORS HAVE ACCOMPLISHED WITH YOUR TITHE”:-

Bowen University by Baptist Church Osun State

Babcock University by Seventh day Adventist Ondo state

Wesley University by Methodist Church Ondo

Covenant University by living Faith Church Ogun

Loyola Jesuit University by Catholic Church Ogun

Mountain Top University by Mountain of Fire Ogun

Babcock University is also in Ogun State.

Redeemers University By Redeemed Ogun

Anchor University by Deeper Life Lagos

Ajayi Crowder University by Anglican Oyo

Not a single Pentecostal University located at the Southeastern part of the country and yet Igbo remit over 7 billion naira every weekend from tithes, offerings, and donations to these churches.

Next Sunday, they will gather again ready to sow their seeds that will be used to enrich their pastors but will give you every reason why anything located in Igboland will not work.

These churches have very significant numerical and financial support from Igbo Land yet we are not attractive when it comes to development of Igbo area.

Ndigbo have lost out in government, in corporate politics and establishments, in attracting other people to invest in igbo area and now, in Church politics and developments.

In fact, even the Igbo governors will not show leadership in developing their area, yet every last one of them own choice properties in Lagos and Abuja, Kano, Kaduna etc

Is it possible for us to stop blaming other tribes for a moment and look inwards for a solution?

Why are the mighty fallen. Where has the Igbo spirit of Oneness gone? What happened to Igwebuike and Enyimba?

The Solution to end the marginalisation of the Igbo Nation lies within the Igbo hands.

Charity begins at home. Where there is no Love and unity of purpose Nationhood cannot manifest. In that case our generations yet unborn will remain in perpetual dominance by other gods and people.

The Igbos at the villages should also be more welcoming to their brothers and sisters that return home and help them to establish in their area instead of plotting how to kidnap, rob, dupe, or out-maneuver them. A word is enough for the wise.

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