Nigeria basketball player dies during a pickup basketball game

The 25- year old Amatossero -Keke passed away Monday evening while he was playing basketball with his friends.

He bent down to tie his shoe when he collapsed, a spokesman with the University said.
Timeyin Amatossero was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The big blues mens basketball team took to twitter to announce his passing. it wrote:
It is with a heavy heart this morning that we ask for prayers for our basketball and athletic family. Last night we tragically lost one of our very own. Timeyin Amatossero-KeKe.

Timeyin was sophomore from Lagos, Nigeria and had a passion for our program and his teammates.

Timeyin had a strong mind and just wanted a chance to play collegiate basketball. We ask that at this time you all keep his family and our student-athletes in your thoughts as we deal with this difficult time. Thank you,” the team.


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