Nigeria is worse than a zoo/Araba Fatade Bamidele

Someone referred to Nigeria as a zoo and some people who I find difficult to define calls for his head…. Animals in the zoo are at least provided with the basic necessities required for their survival. They get free accommodation, feeding and medicals when they are indisposed. No one can take a gun into a zoo and shoot down any animal in the zoo without course and escape repercussions. So Nigeria is certainly not a zoo as animals in the zoo get treated better than an average Nigerian.

In Nigeria, the citizens derive NO single benefit from the country. The Nigerian has to provide his own water, food, roads, shelter, schools for the children…..he does EVERYTHING for himself!! Government agents both conventional and otherwise take guns and shoots down Nigerians and NOTHING HAPPENS!!! The ONLY gift a Nigerian can derive from the government of his country is intimidation and death!!!

That is not a zoo but an ordinary wild wild JUNGLE. The animal in the jungle is totally on his own. It has to fend for itself and find means to dodge being shot down by any rampaging hunter. In the jungle, there is no law, it’s simply survival of the fittest….. This sounds more like Nigeria!!!

The more I think about Nigeria the more I get flummoxed. Anyone not angry with the situation of things in Nigeria is either lacking understanding about what a nation should look like or is a selfish beneficiary of the jungle juice pressed from pure blood….. One day the real people of Nigeria would rise up and take back their own country. That I am sure of. Someday……


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