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Nigeria, other African countries tackling terrorism the wrong way – UN


UN says counter-terrorism measures by African governments only leading to rise in the phenomenon


– The 2-year report titled “Journey to Extremism” spoke with several people connected in one way or the other to extremism


– The report recommends a change of approach to stop increase violent extremism and terrorism on the continent


A report by the United Nations has accused African governments of mishandling the issues of terrorism and extremism on the continent.


The report which came from a 2-year study by the U.N. Development Program (UNDP) in September, said that measures deployed by African governments to combat terrorism actually drove more people to join violent groups.


Voice of America reports that the report titled “Journey to Extremism” was based on interviews with more than 700 people, nearly 600 of whom were voluntary or forced recruits of extremist groups in Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Cameroon and Nigeria


The study noted that poor living conditions of families, lack of education and poverty were the main factors behind the embrace of violence and extremism.


The report also noted that violence and abuse of power by governments also acted as a “final tipping point” for the people to join extremist groups.


The report added that many African governments used counterterror agendas to block political opposition and subdue civil society and the media


“Militarized responses to violent extremism have only served to deepen long-standing mistrust and alienation,” the report read.

The study recommended that African governments would be more effective at countering terrorism and extremism in the region if they changed their current approach to terrorism


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