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Nigeria, the land of many religions and many godless people

The just concluded general elections threw up what is the Nigerian character. There are two things I need to point out before I go on.

It is a fearsome truth that Nigeria is becoming worse than a jungle. Filled with savages and cannibals. That is the first thing I want to say. Even animals of the same like do not kill themselves the way we do.

Secondly, it shows that we are just a religious but terribly ungodly people. As I posted on my Facebook wall, I can count the number of atheists that I know since I was born that are Nigerian. One was my friend Kingsley, who claimed to be a Marxist during our days in the university, after reading a little of Walter Rodney’s How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. I used to remind him of Shakespeare’s saying that half knowledge is bad. He neither read the book beyond chapters 2 and 6. When he finally got home and his father, who is a catechist started chasing him with a machete one Sunday, he had no option but to change his mind.

Everyone in Nigeria worships one deity or the other. How come the same people who troop to church and mosques every Sunday and Friday respectively are so callous and sadistic? I once watched a documentary on a popular TV channel called Animal Planet.

In that documentary, a baboon lost its offspring. It wailed to high heavens, holding the corpse so tight that I became very sad. A while ago they were jumping about in groups, then came this crazy hunter and shot down the kid baboon. They rest gathered around the one which lost its offspring and their sorrow could have pierced through the screen of the television set.

Then a group of human beings who lay claims to some form of civilization and culture cannot do better than the savage inhabitants of a jungle! We have a government, religious institutions, civil society organizations, a National Human Rights Commission, A Police and many other bodies, yet we act like beasts! People die on a daily basis, even on the scale we do not hear among animals, every thing is normal. In the words of Lucky Dube ‘You read about it in the news but you don’t believe it; you’ll only believe it when the man in the long coat knocks on your door because you are his next victim’.

Most shocking is the attempt by the politically correct media and the southern praise singers to trivialize the lives of people being wasted on a regular basis. It is a weird kind of coldness. A human being would sit and shrug while other people are slaughtered and dehumanized and yet say he serves god?

A people who do not value life cannot enhance it. the bloodshed in Nigeria does not only depict the crass hypocrisy of the average Nigerian, it also demonstrates the fact that Nigeria is retreating speedily into the woods of anarchy and pre-Hobbesian society where might is right.

We are fast becoming a tribe of animals. Take a look at the just concluded elections. Without pointing an accusing finger at anyone, it is appalling that nobody was arrested for visiting such untold dimension of carnage on innocent people who came out to cast their votes.

What are the churches teaching people; what lessons do people learn from the mosques; what do the traditional institutions teach their adherents; how come Nigerians are so shockingly beastly? These killers are members of the society, they belong to one religious organization or the other. They are sponsored by people who, in my estimation, would be highly placed members of one religious organization or the other.

The clergy is silent in the face of this bourgeoning Frankenstein monster.

The government has failed in its own duty to protect her citizens. Not a single person has been brought to book for such heinous and barbaric conducts since it started, and this has emboldened other people to carry on. The thuggery industry in Nigeria seems to be growing from strength to strength. Thugs outnumbered voters in this year’s elections.

How many more will die before we take action? It could be you or me, it could be your relative who traveled and became a victim of circumstances. God forbid!

I weep for Nigeria, a country that kills her best for the pleasure of the dredges of society. A thug in Lagos has police escorts paid by tax payers’ money earned through sweating in a country where the citizens are their own government. Nigeria is such a terrible jungle.

Unless the clergy go back from hobnobbing with the political class and begin to speak to their congregations about the sanctity of life, the animalism would only continue to grow. Unless politics is made unattractive, people would continue to wax excessively murderous and satanic, the press would continue to be jaundiced in her analysis because it is seeking crumbs, the learned would continue to speak grammar and justify the campaign of carnage just for political crumbs.

I weep!

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