Nigerian Government, Maina And Stories That Touch The Heart/Alex Agbo

Nigerian Government, Maina And Stories That Touch The Heart
‘Buhari would fight corruption, he is a no nonsense man!’
I heard all that stuff until recently when corruption started fighting back, a la Nigerian sloganeering. In beer parlours, kitchen s and even bedrooms, husbands and their wives would spend part of their allotted time for ‘do me, I do you’ to debating what was the prospect of Buhari’s integrity. Earlier in 2015, we heard one of the most outlandish statements ever made on earth. Let me just reproduce on of it here for your amusement.
‘Buhari’s body language has started to make refineries work.’
Oh my Lord! Body language to replace definite and purposeful policy making? I guess that is where Nigerians missed it with this Buhari’s administration. They expect ‘integrity’ to mean knowledge and expertise. We fall for every gimmick in this country. That is how MMM came here and swindled many of their millions and people were committing suicide. I know of a guy who used the money kept for his marriage for MMM, or money doubling. By the time the money doubler disappeared with his money, he committed suicide.
The Buhari kind of MMM is the same as the phantom financial institution’s. they all thrive of hyped integrity.
Integrity is allowing Babachir Lawal to go scot free while appointing his cousin to be in his stead. Integrity is appointing men from only your tribe into key offices and leaving remnants for others. Integrity is now to not take any deliberate action on the Fulani herdsmen who maim people up and down the country. They have taken over every community in the north central and are expanding their frontiers into the south and west, maiming people and leaving wanton destruction in their track. Yet no word from the integrity president who promised to be for everyone and for no one.
Now another has started. Maina is in the news again. Now he said saint president asked the Attorney general of the federation, and minister of justice to come and discuss with him to reinstate him [Maina] back to his office. Why was Abba Kyari fighting Mrs Oyo-Ita who claimed she wrote a letter to the president on the consequences of making such a move?
The president, as usual denied being aware of Maina’s reinstatement. Let me digress a bit. Is is possible for a parent not to know when a stranger enters among his children? Who ratifies appointments? Or is it that in this government anyone just assumes whatever posts they like? Wait a minute, Maina was said to have absconded with so much money, and he is in the county. Mr integrity ought to have arrested him and have him investigated. But No, not in Nigeria. The ponzi integrity of Buhari by which many Nigerians have been scammed of late is at risk, if it is established that Maina’s allegations are true.
It is actually a story that touches the heart to hear that our Mr Integrity who was voted massively out of spite for PDP is disappointing his teeming supporters on a daily basis. I mean daily. This should teach Nigeria that we cannot trust people who have had bad records of human rights in the past. We must learn that as the elections draw near, we must see beyond carefully and beautifully crafted speeches to the reality of what the candidate represents. W keep our fingers crossed for more revelations from Maina.

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