Nigerians should be asking ‘Baba’ to go home and rest as he has nothing more to offer/ Sunday Joshua Wugira

The All Progressives Congress APC has not left any sensible person in doubt as to how organized they are for leadership. In the history of Democratic governance and elections the world over, there is no political party that has ever failed to field candidates for an election in an entire state due to no just cause but selfish motives. The Zamfara case is a clear signal to all men of reason. Do you still have a reason to align with such a party and contemplate wasting your votes to hardship and misery again? I pray all those shouting ‘Sai Baba’ would realize that a point has come where the right and moral decision to save yourself and your neighbours nay, Nigeria and Nigerians is by asking ‘Baba’ to go home and rest as he has nothing more to offer but further damnation and his party and its handlers are just inept, confused and terribly dishonest workmen. Where a mason is needed to build, they assign a carpenter to cover the roof; where a plumber is required to lay pipes and put a tap, they bring in a bricklayer to seal up the place; where a mechanic is required to fix the engine, they bring in a vulcanizer and they disgustingly shout to high heavens that they are the best we could ever have! Were it not for the law, could a nation and people worth their names allow these misfits a day longer than necessary in power? Imagine a Nigeria beyond 2019 with these in power and know what to do. There is no other way than Atiku Abubakar and PDP!


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