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Nigeria’s Version of the Black Death

The Black Death or the Great Plague was a pandemic that spread across Eurasia in the 14th century, killing an estimated 75 to 200 million people between the years 1347 and 1351.

That was one of the swiftest and most inexplicable death in human history. Even the world wars didn’t kill as many people in Europe.

I repeat, that happened in the 14th century, and not today. Then, Europe was not as we know it today. They were, however gone past the age of savagery and large scale idiocy as we see in Africa in the jet age.

Nigeria as it is today is experiencing a campaign of death caused by one simple thing, namely, low value for human life. Th life of an average Nigerian is worth as much as that of a cockroach. Quote me. Before you go chanting Blood of Jesus! Blood of Jesus!! Not y portion! And all the other hackneyed quotations taught by people whose understanding of the Holy Bible is questionable, I want you to stop and think a while.

How come in a country with no official war people are being killed on a large scale as is witnessed in Nigeria at the moment? Death is sweeping across Nigeria unabated. The Christians need to understand the mystery of thrones. When death took the throne in Eurasia, an inexplicable disease swept across two continents and wiped out cities, towns, kingdoms and families.

Death has moved its throne to Nigeria, the unreasonable campaign of carnage embarked upon is nothing short of demonism. A group of possessed boys took over the Lagos-Epe Expressway marauding the environment of Eputu, Lakowe and Awoyaya. They had guns, they had axes and other weapons. They simply woke up each day, and this continued for almost a month, and killed whoever caught their fancy.

A group of persons killed anybody in the MiddleBelt and Northern region of Nigeria without any plausible reason. Everyday in the news you see people being piled upon each other, very dead. you hear large numbers of people being killed in the same country. people just simply vanish from their homes and never come back.

You hear of Yahoo boys using people, their girlfriends and any other random person they can lay hands on for money making rituals. Their native doctors have moved from the bushes into the city centers.

Everything points to death in Nigeria nowadays. Our humanity is totally gone. Death reigns supreme, wasting lives at will.

Buildings collapse and kill people. Death has now set up its throne in the spiritual realm of Nigeria, wiping people out at will, while the religious bodies are fixated on politics and money.

The sons of Issachar were wise men who understood the signs of the times and knew what to do. This alone, the Bible records, put their brethren who were valiant, rugged men of war under their command. The same Bible says wisdom is the principal thing.

Without any apology to any man of God, I think the sons of Issachar do not exist in this generation. We all cannot see the reign of death in the country? If we do, then what is the action point? How do Christians who are the light of the kingdom react to this?

I would tell you. We go to church and pray for our families alone. We pray for money and travel visas. We become competitive. Scandals and litigations have weakened the church. Satan being very crafty, has put a knife on what held the church together and now we have fallen apart. We now have fashionistas on the pulpit. They dish out motivational speech instead of authoritative declarations. It is now if you are not thankful, your tank would not be full. This is what the church has been reduced to. Pastors and prophets now endorse and counter endorse politicians.

My one penny piece of advice is that the church needs to reinvent itself and give place to Christ, the owner of the church. Pray hard and kick satan and his reign of death out of Nigeria. this is a holocaust that is coming upon Nigeria. There are too many deaths in Nigeria and it is not ordinary.

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