No To Increase In Electricity Tariff

6334reporters Editorial Team.

Last week, the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, told a bewildered nation that it had perfected plan to raise electricity tariff by 60 per cent.

The news hit the consumers like a thunderbolts, and many Nigerians have condemned the move as insensitive, inhuman and gross disregard to the feelings of the average consumers who have been shortchanged by constant darkness they are thrown into.

The regulatory agency said the extant metering cost of #31.8 is not sustainable, saying it should have been #51 per kilowatts hour.

The rationalisation of the planned increment has not done anything to assuage the frayed nerves of angry Nigerian consumers.

We are convinced that the problem of power is much deeper, given the shoddy way NEPA was hastily privatised and sold to friends of the government, some of which were not qualified .

They went to banks to borrow money ,without carrying out holistic forensic test on the state of the sector before committing their money.

Many of these DISCOs had banked on the flat charge of N750 for every consumer, which ran into billions in revenues for them, and when the flat rate was discontinued it affected their revenues.


No To Increase In Electricity Tariff

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