Nobody rubbished the North as Obasanjo did/ I Halilu

It’s funny. If Obasanjo was issued with a list of no-go areas by the Northern king makers, he did keep the promise. Nobody rubbished the North as Obasanjo did. He retired all their senior military officer who held political appointments, destroyed the power sector leading to closure of all the key industrial complexes in Kano, Kaduna and Jos that employed over 200,000 youths, launched a heavy attack on BDC business which was dominated by northerners, and abandoned rice and introduced an agric policy that relegated rice and wheat farming that was the major cash crops in the North, focusing on cassava and cocoa production. Obasanjo inflicted a serious injury on the economy of the North that were yet to recover from. Even when he was leaving office disgracefully, he planted a sickly ‘Year Adua who was nobody’s choice but Obasanjo’s against the advice of his close northern allies. So in what way did the North benefit from Obasanjo’s administration or remote controlled him?

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