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Now police are invading courts

I just read the above piece about the despicable and outrageous conduct of the police who invaded a temple of justice, overawed the court, beat up lawyers and indeed locked up 2 of the lawyers as bootie of war. The unending and escalating boldness of the police in brutalizing lawyers must no longer be tolerated nor condoned or rationalized. It has become a real war that must be fought with all the legal weapons in our arsenal. The time has also come for the leadership of the Association to think out of the box, and find a panacea to this malady as a matter of utmost necessity, and duty to members .

I recall the matter of another lawyer who was arrested, detained and kept incommunicado by the DSS for 3 months in the same Imo State. It took the proactive step of the newly-sworn-in chairman of the Owerri Branch before the DSS shamelessly arraigned the lawyer on trumped up charges. He was eventually granted bail on self recognizance by the learned magistrate last week, all these after 3 excruciating and dehumanizing months in the gulag of the DSS. The one in Warri is still very fresh in our minds. But the question begging for answer is; what has been the outcome of all these assaults on lawyers beyond condemnations in the cyberspace? Should we remain like this?

That a Judex can be assaulted and put under siege for hours by police men led by a superior police officer of the calibre of a Divisional Police Officer is so saddening and beyond belief. It portends grave danger, real danger. This has gone beyond mere condemnation, action must be taken, and taken swiftly by the NBA to protect the lives of vulnerable members.


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