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Obama, Bush not Trump gives McCain farewell

John McCain will be getting a presidential farewell, but not from the actual sitting president.

While McCain was alive, he told the sitting president to never come close to his corpse and Donald Trump is set to honour that wish.

The late former senator however requested that his two former political opponents, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, speak at his funeral.

Even though the POTUS won’t be far from the procession as he remains in Washington, he will not attend or speak at the funeral.

McCain’s procession will come within a mile of the White House as it travels between the U.S. Capitol, where the casket was lying in state overnight, to the cathedral. It will pass the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where McCain’s wife, Cindy, is expected to lay a wreath. McCain is a decorated veteran who was held for more than five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He refused early release.

McCain is to be buried Sunday at his alma mater, the U.S. Naval Academy, next to his best friend from the Class of 1958, Adm. Chuck Larson.


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