Of Monkeys, Rats, Snakes and the Ordinary Nigerian./Alex Agbo

At the airport on my way to Lagos, a certain white man was lamenting to my hearing. In his lamentation he bemoaned why Nigerians would be so hungry while so much money would be available to be stolen by animals. Not that he believed the stories but according to him, such silly stories belonged to the times when people were largely foolish.
He claimed to have entered the country with some investment funds to invest in the banking sector when suddenly Transparency International dropped a bombshell on Nigeria. That scared him silly. Corruption on the rise under an avowed corruption killer is not the best piece of information for an investor.
The end point of this piece is not to ridicule the efforts of the President and the cabal in fighting corruption in their own way. At least Olisa Metuh now comes to court in an ambulance. That is a way to go. Kill all the corrupt opposition. While Sambo Dasuki rots away, Babachir Lawal walks free.
The national Assembly appears handicap, or is it ‘Mouthicap’? they have lost their voices. Senator David Mark is now chairman, Senate Committee on Observation. Saraki perpetually has a case dangling on his neck at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, which is presided over by a man acknowledged to not have declared his own asset. We all woke up to the news a certain Head of the National Health Insurance Scheme, Mr or is it Professor Yusuf who was suspended was reinstated by the anticorruption president. Yusuf has a corruption case on his neck
Now, animals are having a field day stealing and spending money. Shehu Sani, the fiery senator from Kaduna State insinuated that maybe Monkeys stole the 70 million naira kept in Abdullahi Adamu’s house. In other words, the former governor had given out the info that the money had been stolen or lost or both.
The many bizarre stories making the headlines in this country have presented us to the world as a people of low Intelligent Quotient. We have no time for reason and logic. Our major concern is prebendal politics and idiotic sloganeering.
Let us say the All Progressives Congress charmed Nigerians in 2015, is it not time the spell cleared? There is a perennial scarcity of petroleum products, yet the minister of petroleum has not been scaked by the president, oh I forgot that the president is the minister of petroleum. In the midst of this, Professor [another professor] Wole Soyinka is telling us how he wants to [what was the word he used again?] regain the confidence of the ‘Youths’. Where are the youths?
Soyinka, it must be said, once slept on bare tare at Ojota in 2012 at the Abiola Park, alongside Falana and Bakare, to protest the fuel crisis but have lost their voices in 2018. Nigerian youths are still always very busy watching Big Brother Naija and enjoying it while these bellEders are busy destroying he fabrics of this great nation,
I must end this small piece with a call on journalists to ignore Mr Lai Mohammed and give us the true picture of things as they happen in Benue, Taraba,. Adamawa and so on. Lai had threatened that any station, paper or blog that reports the gore that’s going on in the country by herdsmen would be shut down. What a threat! Even Hitler would be ashamed.
Lets not forget that we have only this country to call our own. Nowhere else in the world would we be citizens. Let us take it back from those who have vowed to destroy it for their selfish reasons.

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