Ogidi We must speak up for Nigeria like Abiola

He said that though Nigeria had practiced democracy for 20 unbroken years, it was rather unfortunate that the country had not developed as expected.

Ogidi lamented that the democracy currently being practiced was not comparable to what was obtainable in the early 90s, adding that “our democracy is drowning the legacy Abiola stood for as a true Nigerian leader.

“The bible says there is time for everything, this is the time to speak, if we all stand up to speak as we did on June 12, Nigeria will be a better place.

“Yes, PDP took a stand for the National Assembly elections and we told our members; we know that some lawmakers have been coarse to vote for a particular candidate.

“And because we are all not clean, you have one baggage or the other, they will use it against you,” he said.

Ogidi urged Nigerians to remain law abiding as Nigeria will soon enjoy good leadership and achieve the dreams of the founding fathers.

Reacting to power distribution across geo-political zones in the country, Ogidi said that he still believes in Federal Character even though the present power distribution does not reflect the policy.

On insecurity, he urged the government to quickly address the problem of insecurity, particularly the growing wave of insecurity that has made many Nigerians unsafe.

He added that the show of force by the armed forces at the Democracy Day celebration should restore the confidence of citizens, lamenting however that many citizens still feel unsafe.

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