Okigwe Senatorial district is the most backward – Onyechere

Even as of today, Okigwe Senatorial district in the present political dispensation is still the most backward. There are no industries. No particular attention for even the youths in terms of empowerment, nothing encouraging but rather, they are been used as political thugs.

This is one zone that has high rate of out- o-f school syndrome as of today. If you see any meaningful development in Okigwe, it is an individual effort. No Okigwe person in government has pursued any vigorous development agenda for the zone. Unfortunately, we have not had committed leadership in the zone.

Okigwe reflects so much of the local parlance that says “Igbo enwe Eze” meaning, Igbo do not have a King. We are yet to come up with someone who I will say is the voice of Okigwe people. We have had democracy in Nigeria up to 18 years, yet no sign of it here; rather they are busy fighting among themselves. Unfortunately, we have had a governor, senators and others, yet none left a legacy worth mentioning. I can only see some efforts from the present Imo House speaker at least for now. You know his position as a speaker does not give him the state power.

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