Old Wine In New Bottles…I am sorry for Nigeria

If you recall..i asked you not to bother about the babachir saga…at that time my favourite senator was arms raised, folded sleeves, ready for a fight. Now the issue is growing wings..people in the name of IDPs import dozens of shipload of Maize with permit only to send them straight to animal feed processing plants.Only unfortunately the persons who signed the permits cannot be found again.

Since 2012 i have been asking for the dismantling of NNPC ..it started when i learnt of the alarming monstrosities going on…Jonathan tried to stop it, they gave him a black eye…Buhari is suffering the same now.

Remember Osborne Road saga…why did you not notice that the same flat was regularly used by PDP and APC.

The list is long…these prodigal sons and daughters are the real problems of this country.

In May 2015 corruption left the rock to go to his village,came back after two weeks…collected fresh power from the elders and returned with a retinue of relations.

Let them try Diezzani in Nigeria in open court and see the consequences.

Modular refineries Nko…the issued hundreds of licences since 1999…nothing to show


Can they try Dasuki?

What about Madam Matience..how can you say she did not pick the husbands pocket without stopping security vote to prevent reoccurence.

The list is long



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