On Illegal Mining: Only the Niger Delta people are a conquered people. I feel sorry for them/Lekan Latubosun

Lekan Latubosun wrote

Unfortunately, only the Niger Delta peoples appear to be at a disadvantage.

If you move across Nigeria, and a little curious, you will discover that the Federal Government sits over oil and oil alone.

Across the Southwest, there are forests though rapidly depleting. I know tens of millionaires who made money from lumbering. They just move their trucks and tools into the forest, cut down the trees in tens, pay the forest guards, who are state government employees; those monies never enter government coffers. But forests are natural resources. Go to the villages of the Ijebu, villages in Osun state around Ede, Akure and its villages. Hundreds, if not thousands of millionaires are thus made in these places.

And so are there many profitable mineral resources, so loosely managed, neither the state government nor the federal government has anything to do with them. If you ask me, I can give examples in tens.
Gold mining is happening in Ilesha, Chanchaga, Minna,
Gem mining is going on around Shaki, hundreds of illegal miners from all of West Africa are making millions daily.
Marble mining had been going on in Igbeti for decades, it has produced billionaires, all of the operation is illegal. When an accident happened at that site about 2 decades ago, BBC claimed 400 illegal Togolese miners died in that accident, neither the state nor the federal government has made a penny from there in more than 40 years yet the volume of business there is mind blowing.

So is it in Kogi, in Plateau, in Gombe, in Nasarawa. In tens.

Only the Niger Delta people are a conquered people. I feel sorry for them.

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