On Sponsored Attack On Ndigbo Traders :Lets Not Burn Down The Forest,Nobody Has a Monopoly Of Violence/Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson

During 2015 elections some were celebrating how non- indigenes property would be shared among some of their citizens who are not working. I saved that cruel post which goes to explain some state of minds in this part of the world because the property owners left town for fear of violence.
But It’s 2019 and they did not leave town. However, similar scenario was repeated as violence was taken to their doorsteps and neighborhood in order to either kill or maim them to make sure they don’t excise their civic responsibility or they must be told who to vote for.

When we checked the trend you will only realize it was a systemic trend as it cuts across localities where Ndigbo and some S’SOUTH are heavily concentrated.
Calls and questions we have received plus name calling and you will wonder if One stays next door to the seat of power.

Most of the Criminals who were used to carry out these attacks are well known to their Victims. In some cases they depend on the same non- indigene to earn a living.
Yet no action has been taken to bring the perpetrators of these organized violence to book.

Instead, the attackers were rumoured to have regrouped and unleashed fresh attacks on some traders within some areas of Lagos. But they too have forgotten the affected traders may resort to self defense to prove to them that nobody has monopoly of violence.

The consequences of this is that the S’ SOUTH and S’EAST should vehemently pursue massive development of their regions. Every investment be it business, real estate or market should be duplicated and moved home. Now you know where your home is?
We also implore Governors of these areas to wake up to reality and face the daunting task that lies ahead of them.. The Citizens should also endeavour to vote representatives who are committed to protecting the interest of their citizens wherever they are found.

Once more, it has been re-echoed loud and clear to us that you may live in any other part of Nigeria as a stranger or else you would face some ugly realities when the need arises.

I did try to answer some of their questions, but how should I answer this one? “why must we not pursue a course which will make us independent, since we can’t vote in Nigeria, are we not constantly singled out for this cruel attack?”

Watch it, In the coming guber elections, this scenario will be repeated and yet nothing will happen from the authorities. Mark my word. It is possible more blood may be required to soak the ballot boxes to ensure electoral victory.

Now we both will agree that the shoot at sight order was was intended to encourage state sponsored thugs to terrorize with Impunity the unsuspecting citizens


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