On the road to Rwanda?…Tivs move out of Nassarawa out of fear of being killed


Tivs moving out of Nassarawa state for safety of their lives.Moving from poverty ridden areas to another poverty ridden area in a poor country
Photo credit Mohammed Mustapha

Addressing journalists in Abuja, weekend, a group under the umbrella of Concerned Indigenous Tiv People in Kadarko, Keana Local Government Area of Nassarawa State, claimed that since the Tiv people were displaced from their ancestral home as a result of the alleged herdsmen attack since 15th January this year, the Nassarawa State Governor, Tanko Almakura had done nothing to bring the situation under control. The group further claimed that despite the fact that the military had been drafted to the affected areas, the police were not properly liasing with the military for the military to credibly discharge their duty to get to the terrorists that sacked the villages. It further decried that despite the huge casualty where 12 persons were killed and over 30 persons hospitalised, the state government only released N500,000 for the burial of the dead and treatment of the hospitalised

We are deeply worried that the area is inhabited by other ethnic nationalities like, Alago, Eggon, Hausa, Igbo and others, it was only the Tiv people that were selected target of the terrorists. We are also bothered that the Police were quickly informed when the terrorists launched their attack at about 1:00am on the 30th of January, 2018, there was no swift response from them. We wonder why the police could nit respond on time to save the helpless people when they (police) were duly informed of the shooting, killing and maiming at Agwan Tiv. This is a clear case if a well designed and planned terrorist attack on the hard working Tiv indigenous people of Kadarko. “Although, the military has been drafted to the area after the visit of the governor, it appears to us the police are not properly liaising with the military for the military to creditably discharge their duty to get the terrorists. We reliably learnt that each time the military makes an effort to get at the terrorists, the terrorists flee before the move could be executed thereby frustrating their arrest. “For now, the Tiv indigenous people of Kadarko are under siege as 25 villages are completely deserted.” According to the group, the deserted villages are Azer, Tamen, Bature, Agbara, Peter Agbede. Nguchi, Igbacha, Shatse, Gidan Sule, Ngur, Nyam Adaga, Cha, Tseiyo (Gidan Akpen), Ahima, Mori, Kpilaior, Che Tor, Chia, Anisa, Dooga, Mbamar, Rest house, Anom, Che Utsaha and Ikpe.

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