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Ondo Girl Forced Into Marriage Seeks Freedom/Pere Omololu

Based On An FB report

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This is the Picture of Dupe Odofi
She is between ages 15 and 17.
She is from Elemore, Ilara Moke, Akure Ondo State.

According to report given by one Mr Monday Okocha, a chemist in Benue state, Dupe was forcefully abducted for a forced marriage in 2017 from her home town against the consent and knowledge of her parents by one Mr Obuterh from Benue state!!!

Obuterh had come to Ondo State to work and from there took the girl got her pregnant and now she has 2 children by him.

According to Mr Monday Dupe came to Mr Monday to but medecine and she is in a pitiable state. It was there she narrated her story to the chemist seeking help.
The Chemist himself reported the matter to Mr Opuda Omo Osifila on Facebook !!

Dupe wants to go back home but is stranded.As the man Mr Obuterh had broken her sim and she can’t remember her parents numbers!
She says her parents would believe her to be dead and they may have forgot all about her!
The man has now changed her name to blessing!
The mans Address is
Konshisha Local Government ishangav- tev
Terke of mbaGbe village
Benue state!!
Thank you Sir…

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