#OPINION: Is MAP Metering Scheme (Meter Asset Provider) A Still Birth 6 Months After TakeOff? – Kunle Kola Olubiyo

The frame of mind of the Framers ( who drafted the MAP Regulatory Framework) who captured sanctions for Infractions in a situation where a given Power Utility Company refuses to kick start the MAP
Metering Roll Out.

What are the provision adequately defined
or made for? What are the Standard of Performances based on Global Best Practices.

What are the sanctions factored into
for Infractions & Refusal by a Distribution Company to commence the Implementation of MAP.

From 1st of May ,2019 –
( 1) May, ( 2)June,(3) July, (4 ) August, (5) September, (6) October.

What sanctions are in place for those Electricity Distribution Companies that have OUTRIGHTLY REFUSES to commenced the Implementation of MAP.

We are in the global Customers Week,
if Electricity Consumers are said to be
King, when we going to be ‘coronated’ and roundly treated as in ‘Customers is King’

As it is, Electricity Consumers in Nigeria are seemingly becoming as a King without Crown, a King without Throne and a King without the Staff of Office,
Seriki, Oba, Dongari (King without security guard) and most embarrassingly, we are a King without the Paraphernalia of Office.

In the cases cited, as per those Electricity Distribution Companies that have deliberately failed to kick start the MAP Regulatory Framework.

To us is nothing but orchestrated attempts to make nonsense of the ideals of MAP.

I have over 30 complaints from Electricity Consumers evenly spread across the length and breadth of Nigeria who are ready to pay for the Pre Paid Meters for the purposes of Energy Accountability and Value For Money and of course to put an end to the
Frankenstein Monsters and Satanic
Crazy Billing / Outrageous Monthly Estimated Billing.

Which to us is not only a dis- incentive to
Improvement in Collection and Revenue Efficiencies but a Scheme that allows the
Utility Companies to continued to use all categories of Electricity Consumers as
Guinea Pigs & Risks bearers used in Clean up the Deficits in their Balance Sheet.

There is no other time than now for NERC to be assertive, more than ever before, Rise above ‘Regulatory Captured’, And of course

There two sides of the coin in the Nigerian Electricity Markets. The Demand on one side and the Supply end.

Kunle Kola Olubiyo
Customer Protection Network

Abuja, Nigeria
Dated :
Wednesday 9th Day of October , 2019
07:48 Hours
GMT +1
+234 803 969 1474
+234 803 376 4383

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